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Being Treated Like Family Keeps Soprano Fan Coming Back to Quik Cash

With two jobs and an obsession with “The Sopranos” TV series, Karen Darwish would have been stranded without her car.

But, when her car needed work on its suspension system, the 61-year-old resident of Newport News, Va. found herself in a financial bind.

“It was totally unexpected,” she said of the $480 car expense. “It’s a nice car, but one day it just needed fixed.”

Without money to get her car fixed, Darwish found herself without transportation, making it tough to get to the call center where she works as a customer service representative, or to take clients to visit homes as required by her second job as a real estate agent. Not to mention picking up “Sopranos” DVDs.

'It was totally unexpected,' she says of the $480 car expense. 'I don't know what I would have done without QuikCash. I might have lost my job' - Karen D., Age 61, Newport News, VA.

So Darwish turned to the Quik Cash branch in Newport News.

“One of my co-workers told me about Quik Cash and said they were great people, with great customer service, and very private,” Darwish said. “They’re right around the corner from where I work, so it was convenient to give it a try.”

She liked the experience so much that she has become a regular customer.

“The customer service is excellent,” she said. “They always greet me and ask how I’m doing – they treat me like family.”

The Quik Cash staff in Newport News looks forward to seeing Darwish as well.

“She’s a breath of fresh air,” said Branch Manager Nakeshia Chandler. “She always comes in with a smile and she always has a pleasant demeanor and a great attitude.”

Darwish lives with her husband and 26-year-old daughter, Jamie. In addition to being a “Sopranos fanatic,” she enjoys visiting the beach, horseback riding and going to the gym.

spacerKaren and Rob D.
Karen and her husband Rob understand that QC Quik Cash is there to help support them when and if they need it.
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