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Quik Cash puts Car Fanatic in Driver’s Seat

Edward is having a passionate affair. But this is no mid-life crisis. It’s been going on for 30 years, and it’s just fine with his wife. His other great love is muscle cars, and he and his wife have it all worked out, with help from Quik Cash.

Granddaughter’s First Communion? QC Delivers

With eight kids and 16 grandkids, Melba, 58, is a whirlwind – sewing, cooking (Louisiana-style, just like her mother taught her) and visiting family. When Melba wanted to travel from St. Louis to Chicago for her granddaughter’s first communion, Quik Cash helped to make it happen.

‘Sopranos’ Fan Appreciates Being Treated Like ‘Family’

With two jobs and an obsession with “The Sopranos” TV series, Karen would have been stranded without her car. But, when her car needed work on its suspension system, the 61-year-old resident of Newport News, Va. found herself in a financial bind. She turned to Quik Cash.

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